ranting (the truth about shit)

everything i'm seeing is shit lol

i guess i'll do this on english lol--

okay. this will be the truth about some stuff i was thinking about and stuff like that.

the society sais: be yourself.
also society: no. not like that.

So this one's about the society. about the things they don't tolerate (in general) and such.
There are many things which are not tolerated in the society.
One these thing i want to talk about is racism. not just against black people, against anyone. why are people like that? why are they racists? i don't know. i think, some of the doesn't even know it by themselfs. they're just like that. because the're parents or another person told them, foreigners are bad persons. that's not true, they're normal persons.
Another thing are homophobic & transphobic people. to me, it's something really bad. i'm lesbian (or something like that, maybe i'm bi, i don't exactly know it). i can't understand, why peoople are hating us. we are humans who love humans. i'm a normal person. i wake up, i go to school, i meet my friends, i have hobbies, bla bla bla... i'm normal. what i also can't understand are people, who don't like gay men, but they think, lesbians are okay (sometimes only lesbian porn). the fuck. i just can't understand it.

2. double morals in kpop
i can't understand this thing. a good example is, if a guy lifts his shirt up and shows his abs in the choreography, just like jimin of bts does it in the choreo for "no more dreams", everybody loves it. but if a girl does it, like the girlgroup rainbow did it in the choreo for their song "a", this move is automatically banned from the live stages from music shows. or rubbing on crotches: got7 did it in "girls girls girls", and everything was fine. dal*shabet did the same thing in the "joker"-choreograpie and it was banned. Why? It's the same thing. Or girls rubbing their chest. there is nothing bad about it.

3.small and big kpop entertainments
this thing is mainly about girlgroups. not well-known groups from small companies. like stellar, hellovenus and laysha. they are told to dance in a sexy way. the best (or worst?) example for this is stellar. their first song, "rocket girl" had a cutesy concept, with space stuff and some kind of science fiction. their other songs, like "vibrato", "marionette" and "sting" are a complete different concept: they're sexy. but not simply sexy like other groups, the videos are sometimes like porn ( the songs are still really good). it's not a bad thing to have really sexy concepts - it's okay - but it's not okay, if the members don't want to do things and dance like this. and it was like this with stellar. they were forced to do so. that's a bad thing.
the second thing is about well-known and not so well-known girlgroups. with famous groups doing a sexy concept. the most people are saying things like "they're so sexy and feminine and it's so great", but with not so famous groups, they're saying things like "they're not sexy, they look cheap and like sl*ts and b*itches". but it is the commpletely concept. uuggh i hate it.

did y'all hear clc's comeback? "no" is fucking great. it's a song to finally get a win. please. give our girls a win. cheshire and clc fighting!
UPDATE: hhhmm what did i say about wins? ; )

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