CLC and Wins

Fuck yes I cried

In the last weeks, CLC released a minialbum called "No.1" with the title track "No". The song is about a girl who loves and likes herselfr and it's kind of feminism (?). On the 13th of February, they performed at SBS' "The Show" and were nominated for the win. The other nominees were Roh Tae Hyun and Woody. But CLC did it! They had a total of 5.470 points. It was their fist win. Everyone of the girls were crying. It took them almost 4 years to get their first win. "No" is a great song to get a win after all this time. I was actually so happy that I started crying. they thanked us in 5 languages: Korean, Thai (by Sorn), English (by Sorn), Chinese (by Elkie) and Cantonese (by Elkie).
I think, Yeeun knew that they woul win, because she is one of the MCs of "The Show", along with Jeno of NCT (she's called Yen-Show and he's called Jen-show, that's so cute UwU) and it stood on the cards.
This is the first win, but others will follow.

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