k-pop unpopular opinions

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(DISCLAIMER) i don't hate any of the groups i speak about!

1. BTS doesn't only consist of the maknaes. they aren't superior and the group would be completely different without the hyungs. they're a part of bangtan, just like the maknaes.
2. There aren't only twob types of concepts (cute & boy/girl crush)and no concept is better than the other. this is a typical thing for girlgroups: they often either have a cute or a girl crush concept and that's just boring as f*ck. I don't want to say they should all change their concept, but you could mix up so many concepts together.
3. girlcrush is not badass. badass is not only about being sexy, and girl crush often is (not only). badass is about being strong, indipendent and, for girl groups, also about feminism.
4. the japanese trainees weren't treated equally on PD48. yes, they weren't as good as the korean trainees in the beginning, but that means you have to help them to become better. in japan, they don't get the training a korean trainee receives. they said stuff like "in japan, we don't help each other with our parts, we learn them by ourselves." another bad thing is that they weren't taught korean, so they couldn't even comjmunicate wioth the koreans and the other side around too.
5. Groups are not popular because they are from smaller companies, not because they're untalented.

i'll make a second part of this somewhen.

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