k-pop unpopular opinions pt.2

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(DISCLAIMER) i don't hate any of these groups. those are just my opinions and you're free to disagree.)

1. the "big 3" (jyp, sm, yg) are not superior. they're not better and their idols aren't more talented than the smaller companies' idols. they just had a bigger impact on k-pop because they are some of the oldest companies in k-pop. this leds me to the next opinion:

2. there is a "big 3 privilege". if you are from a big companie (not only sm, yg, jyp, but also other big companies) you're alble to succeed because these companies already are famous indeed. it doesn't always work (example: red velvet wasn't that famous in the beginning), but it's likely to work (example: itzy & txt)

3. Dating shouldn't be called "scandal" & idols should be allowwed to date freely. yes, the dating ban are also to protect the idols from accidentally dating saesang (stalker) fans and it's for rookies to concentrate on their career. but it's still dehumanizing to not allow someone to love another person. it's completely normal.

4. it's completely okay if an idol isn't that thin. that's it.

5. everybody loves holland, but the biggest impact for liking him is that he's gay. he doesn't have got such a unique voice & and his music isnt that spevial, it just happens that he's gay and everybody's hyped for that. it's great that there is more represantation of the lgbtq+-community in k-pop now, but you should stan someone because of their sexuality. you should stan someone because of their talent, their music & their personality.

6. female idols with a sexy concept aren't whores. so, i was reading the comments under the m/v of "see sea" by hyolyn and i read a comment that said that "she really became a whore since she left sistar" or something like that and i'm like "no?" because sistar also had a reeeaallyyy sexy concept. some of their songs are literally about sex (give it to me & touch my body) so i don't see the point. hyolyn seems to be really comfortable with the concept. conclusion: it's okay if they have secy concepts, they aren't whores at all. but it's not okay if their company forces them to do that concept, but they are still not whores.

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