Fake Climate Justice

Why Be Fake?

So I found this video on Instagram, where on of these girlies that would be totally for Fridays for Future makes "commercial" for those metal drinking straws. Sounds okay so far. She pulled out the straw, put it in her cup, screamed "Save the", took a sip, "Motherfucking Turtles!" Point one: The word "Motherfucking" seems very rude towards the poor turtles. Second: It was really aggressive, but maybe that's just me. Idk. Point Three: her cup was made out of plastic. Seems not to make any sense, but okay. The thing is that those metal straws are agains the use of plastic straws and she seems to like it (I mean she's using them so yeah). But then, the cup is made of plastic? More plastic than the mass of it you would need for a regular straw? Makes no sense to me. This is fake climate justice. Why should you be so fake about such a seriuos matter?
Another thing are those Social Media-Accounts: You know them, they post pictures like "We'll plant a tree for every like this post gets" or "We'll clean up the ocean." Some accounts actually deo clean up the ocean or plant trees, bgut some of them just want likes and attention. Some even use photos to pretend that they were actually doing these things. These pictures are usually from actual Tree-Planting-Events. These accounts are just using the actions of other people that care about the climate change and are trying to prevent any bad thing to pretend they are good people.

Another thing are people that are skipping school "to go to Fridays for Future" but they're just haning around, not going there. Then just skip school. Well you shouldn't do thart maybe. I highly recommend thse people to go to Fridays for Future. You can meet nice people there, you do something good and it is fun to walk around the city while demonstrating, screaming poems and such. At least, it was always fun for me.

So: Don't be fake about this, it's serious.

Ein Beitrag von Lovis(15)