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DISCLAIMER: This is not th whole story with dates and such, only the most important informations. and some rant at the end i guess.

for everyone who doesn't know: seungri (born as lee seung-hyun in 1990) was the vocalist of south korean idolgroup big bang (under yg ent.), which is very popular in asia and also in the west. he is the youngest member, so he was the last member to go to the military service, but things changed:
in november last year a chat showed up and he was involved, together with other idols. they werre complaining about girls. that may seem normal at first, friends talking about girls they like, but it was completely different: it was actually about "prositutes". seungri was involved in managing and so on in a club, called "burning sun", but he isn't anymore. to make it more attractive to foreign investors and other people, he drugged young women and they werre his "prostitutes". they were raped. when the whole thing came out, yg ent. denied it, but seungri stated it by himself and retired from the music industry.
it seems like the other big bang members aren't involved. they're all still in the military (t.o.p will come back in the next months and we definitely need some solo music from him) and due to that, they can't really interact with fans.

i really don't know how he could do this to all those women. i hope he goes to jail for it, because that's what he deserves. another point is, that many female artists already talked about themselves being scared of him beforhand. Somebody should've noticed. it is really good that he left big bang, because who'd like to stan a group with a member like this? and another thing is, daesung is going to get more lines in their songs. i hope there won't be more scandals like this one in k pop anymore.

p.s. how do you think of pristins disbandment? i actually cried my eyes out. #thankyoupristin

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